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Hi, everyone!

Here are five great stories from:

Amina Siddiqui,
Arshi Siddiqui,
Anjani Jampana,
Arianna Kurili, and
Caitlin Berdijo

Some of these were written during our 15 minute exercise on explaining basketball to a Martian visitor.  The others are from our writing assignments.

Although we aren't stressing spelling in this course, I've made some slight corrections on a couple of these for the sake of clarity. 
If anyone would like his or her paper posted here, please send me an email.

Click the links below to read each paper.

Amina-Assignment One.doc42.5 KB
Arshi--Assignment One.doc26 KB
Anjani_Jampana.doc47 KB
Arianna Kurili.doc38.5 KB
Caitlin_assignment2.doc30 KB