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Joined: 02/06/2009

Hey, what's up, my name is Harsha Sajja and I'm going into 8th grade at East Middle School. I love to play basketball and I am considered to be good at it by my friends. I am usually an A student and I finished this year with a 4.0 all year long. I wear hearing aids to help me hear better because I was born with hearing problems. I am pretty good at football (I mostly play reciever because I can catch the ball really well. I'm out of things to say here so that wraps up my introduction.

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Joined: 02/14/2009

Hi, Harsha! Nice to meet you. Welcome our class!

You've written a nice, concise introduction here. This tells us what's important to you and gives us a nice overview of who you are. Your writing is very familiar and flows nicely. I like the way you've used parenthesis here to include an aside pertaining to football. (You have some things in common with other members of our class!)

I'm glad you've joined the class and I look forward to reading your work.