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Joined: 07/02/2009

I am Curtis Higgins Jr. I am 14 years old and attending Canton High School currently going into the 10th grade. I am attending this class so I can express myself vividly in writing and to enhance my writing and communication skills. My hopes are to become a sports doctor but while in college I would like to play basketball with the dreams to play in the NBA. Later in life, I would like to own a basketball team and this class will help me with my communication skills with others.

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Joined: 02/14/2009

Hi, Curtis! Nice to meet you. I think you're doing great at expressing yourself and I believe you're well on your way to being a good communicator. I agree with you: these skills will help a great deal with achieving your goals.

I like the way you've chosen to enhance your dreams by playing basketball in college while working on your degree in sports medicine. This way, you will gain a great deal of empathy with the players you treat. And they will benefit from knowing that you have been where they are.

Writing well is a huge part of realizing your goals. I think you've made a good choice to work on these skills now before you get to college. If you practice the exercises, and write as often as you can (keeping a journal is good for this), by the time you get to college you're likely to feel confident about your ability to express yourself this way.

Being a good writer involves being a good observer. Paying attention to the stories and details in your life can help you not only become an interesting and creative writer, but it can help you become a better basketball player as well. When you're observant, you know who's near you, how far away the basket is, how easy it is to slip between players to find your goal,etc. If you start writing about these things now, who knows, you might even decide to be a sports writer, commentator, or author too. A whole world of opportunity can open up for you when you write well.

See you soon!