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Joined: 06/30/2009

Hi! I'm Helen, and I am an eighth grader entering ninth grade next year. I am going to be going to Salem High School (GO ROCKS!), and I was in TAG (The Talented and Gifted Program). I love music (both playing it and listening to it), and I play the clarinet and piano. Some of my hobbies are drawing, skating, and running, and I was on the track team last year. I am quiet at times, and my strongest subject would probably be math. My favorite author is John Steinbeck (who wrote "Of Mice and Men," "The Pearl," and "The Grapes of Wrath"). I like writing descriptions rather than essays, but I would like to improve my vocabulary.

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Joined: 02/14/2009

Hi, Helen! Welcome to our class! This is a great introduction and you've expressed yourself very well. Your post flows smoothly,and offers us a nice overview of who you are. It's great to meet you.

It's interesting that you mentioned you like writing descriptions rather than essays. I'm curious about what you mean with this. How do you define each of these and what do you see as the main differences? To me, descriptions offer us a basic idea of something "out there" in the world. An essay, however, draws from your own thoughts, feelings, and knowledge about something. To me, an essay is more personal, and here's where creative writing skills come in handy.

When you keep a journal, adding drawings is a great way to "fix" the time and place. I recommend this, even if your journals are simply descriptions of your days.

Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary. Actually, I believe reading can improve a person's life overall! It helps with writing skills, vocabulary, self-reflection... heck, it helps with life skills. And John Steinbeck is a wonderful author to read in order to acquire these things.

See you soon!

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Hey, Helen! My name is Arshi Siddiqui and you go (or used to go) to EaSt just like you! It's so awesome that you are in TAG. Hope to see you on the next CW class!