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Farmers Market

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Anne Heidemann
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Joined: 12/11/2008

I've heard rumors that the Farmers Market is expanding the range of products available. I didn't get to go last Sunday. Did anyone else? Can you confirm or deny this rumor?

strande's picture
Joined: 12/15/2008

I can't speak to the rumor, but I'm really hoping to get down to the Farmer's Market this weekend. I heard they're doing a lot more this year with activities at the Cady-Boyer barn and I'd like to peek in!

gladdenk's picture
Joined: 09/03/2008

I went two weekends ago and they had the usual early-season stuff: honeycombs, costume jewelry, deadly tempting baked goods (as well as the yummiest sugar-free apple butter I've ever tasted). They had some freshly-picked Michigan asparagus and some apples that looked pretty good, even though they had to be left over from last fall. I hear they had some kind of bake-off event last weekend (apparently they're having one cooking event a month.) For more info on the weekly Canton Farmers' Market, check out the township website.