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Librarian Hokage
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Joined: 05/05/2009

Here is a place to put anime links that you have found. Yeah! The more the better!
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Now, one thing I ask however, is to be careful with your links. There are lots of places where both anime and manga are available online for free, some illegal, and some legal (one site that is legal is, for instance, which is awesome... but I digress).Try to avoid linking directly to sites that may not be legal if you can help it. For instance, while there are many places where you can watch Naruto Shippuden online, and a lot of them are legal, for the Naruto manga Viz owns the rights for this and has not made it available online (besides some sample chapters), so if you find it avaialble on mangafox or something -not quite legal. Try to stay away from linking directly to those sites on here if you can. That doesn't mean you can't talk about them, or mention the site. It's foolish to pretend they don't exist. Just try not to make a direct link to it, that's all.

Here's another example: a link to youtube of Fruits Basket ep. 1 part 1 of 3, not so good ; a Link to youtube of people doing crazy cosplay or a link to a trailer for a new anime: always good.

Joined: 04/18/2009

the site i use for all manga, except those owned by tokyopop, is it's all translated and works great. free and no downloads or crap necessary! I love it Smile

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Joined: 05/19/2009

Yeah, I use them more than the other site, the one with manga and fox in the link address. Besides Nabari no Ou, they seem to get Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji chapters faster.

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Joined: 04/30/2009 is a good site. BUT BE WARNED! it does give the occaisional virus. i also love it has cheats galore for everyhthing i use for video game wise. i haven't gotten a virus from that or yet.

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Joined: 07/11/2009

gamefaqs is amazing. onemanga is my manga place. i havent found a manga yet thats not on there. uh crunchyroll is okay. i couldnt find a lot of there but i did use it or some time. i always google animes i wanna watch (or youtube) google usually finds me a good site for watching whatever anime i want. veoh isnt bad but many computers cant handle it. i know mine, my moms laptop, and my dads computer all crap out when i try to watch something on there. but my boyfriends seems to run it fine but his computer is better than most.

but of course nothing beats finding your favorite manga at you convenient canton public library, am i right nerd-kun? XDD (<--being a total kiss 455)
i should start a new L337 thread XDD