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Librarian Hokage
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Joined: 05/05/2009
The most important rule for this forum is: RESPECT EACH OTHER. This is very important. Otherwise I will have to step in.
Try not to post anything too personal (like your e-mail address) directly in the forum. But, you knew that already.
Remember that there is a wide age range of people using this forum (13-18), so be careful about talking about anything too sexually explicit, even if you are 18, just out of respect for those who are younger...but again, you already knew that.


You can upload your own art to our Gallery thread for people to see! Yeah! However, please note by doing so you are agreeing to the following: 'You are giving Canton Public Library permission to show your artwork. However, all rights and ownership still belong to (you) the original artist and owner. Any who might wish to make a copy of said artwork will have to get the permission of the artist first. Otherwise, copying is strictly forbidden. If you are under 18 you are agreeing that you have your parents' permission to upload your artwork for display. Nothing uploaded will be used for commercial purposes (it is purely for the joy of showing off to others). Canton Public Library reserves the right to remove images from the website at anytime for any reason.'

There is a scanner at the library if you don't have one and want to use it. Please feel free to comment on each other's art and encourage each other (tell people how nice it looks; it makes them feel gooooooood).

Thanks all. Enjoy!