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Harry Potter Fan Fiction Contest

Love Harry Potter? Enter our Harry Potter Fan Fiction Contest! There will be prizes for grades 6-8, grades 9-10, grades 11-12, and adults. Last day to enter is November 21. Winners will be announced at the final reception, held on November 30 at 4:00 PM.

To Enter

You may enter by uploading your story below, or by sending it as an attachemnt to If entering by e-mail, please include in the e-mail:
  • Author's name
  • Grade (6th… 12th, or 'Adult')
  • Telephone number
  • Title of the story


  • One submissiong per person
  • Previously submitted or published stories will not be accepted
  • Submissions must be no longer than 4,500 words (there is no minimum length)
  • You cannot switch versions of your story once you've entered if you change something
  • Please put your name in your e-mail (or the field below) and not on the story itself, so as to remain anonymous for our judges
  • Pictures or graphics will not be seen by judges
  • Winners' stories wil be published on the library website after the contest
  • Last day to enter: November 21, 2012
Online Entry


Thu, 2012-11-01 19:24

Are there any story guidelines we should follow? Examples: No Mature-rated stories, Dark!Harry stories only, canon-story line only, AU only, etc.