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Weddings and Love on the Big Screen


Recommended by Erin, in our Children's, Tween and Teen Department.

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

1260809.jpg This is a great musical with catchy songs and a totally anti-feminist plot. The scenery is cheesy, the women marry the men who abduct them, and theres a great brawl at the barn raising. And yet I still love the silliness of it, and the mass wedding at the end!

Father of the Bride (1991 edition)

1314517.jpg Sort of a cliché of a movie, but the absurdity of the story still appeals. Steve Martin and Diane Keaton make great stereotypical Brides Parents. My two favorite parts are Annies breakdown when she gets a blender from her fiancé and her fathers breakdown when Steve Martin steals hot dog buns in the grocery store. Weddings truly are pure madness.

Love Actually

1318583.jpg Several storylines interweave in this funny and sad movie. The newly married wife whose husbands best friend is in love with her. The father of two who toys with having an affair. The Prime Minister who finds love where he least expects it. A man who cheats with his brothers girlfriend. Love across language barriers. The tender care a sister gives her brother. It sounds totally cheesy, but as these stories come together you feel hopeful and you laugh a ton as you watch the Nativity Lobster, the Manuscript Rescue and Hugh Grants phenomenal rendition of Good King Wenceslas.

Sixteen Candles

candles.jpg Long Duck Dong. Enough said. (There is a wedding at the end)


1249270.jpg Love after death a nice tribute to the power of a loving marriage. I really like how the newlyweds take their vacation at home - Gina Davis plans on wallpapering and Alec Baldwin goes to get supplies for his miniature village. Thats my kind of honeymoon. And of course, thats how all the trouble starts.