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Rant Worthy - Books I Recommend Constantly


Recommended by Julie, one of our adult reference librarians.

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Last Days of Summer

by Steve Kluger
1158088.jpg This is my favorite book. Ever! This collection of telegrams, letters, news clippings and box scores follows the unlikely friendship of a twelve-year-old Joey Margolis with Charlie Banks, the rookie third baseman of the New York Giants, in the early 1940s. Together, Joey and Charlie handle bullies, Nazis, girlfriends, presidential invitations and Bar Mitzvahs with a quick wit and affection.

Peace Like a River

by Leif Enger
1208345.jpg Occasionally when people rant and rave about a book I find myself disappointed that it does not live up to the hype. This book, however, actually surprised me by how much I enjoyed it. The plot and the voice of the narrator reminded me of To Kill a Mockingbird in how children perceive law and justice when their loved ones are threatened.

Bel Canto

by Ann Patchett
1205065.jpg I started this book determined to finish it for a book group but found myself losing sleep with this tale of an international group of rich and powerful people who are held hostage for months by terrorists. Patchett examines how relationships can be created when there is no common language. This is a book that can be studied as literature but enjoyed like a best seller.

Shadow Divers

by Robert Kurson
1323856.jpg This was the Everyones Reading book of 2006 and I was surprised at how quickly I was totally engrossed in the tale of the lost U-boat and the two Americans who were determined to solve a mystery from World War II. Its not everyday that you find a book that gives you a history lesson that is so enjoyable.

Mountains Beyond Mountains

by Tracy Kidder
1282208.jpg Pulitzer Prize-winner Kidder focuses his attention on Dr. Paul Farmer, Harvard professor, infectious-disease specialist and anthropologist. Dr. Farmer battles infectious diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis through cutting edge medicine and improving the quality of life for those affected. His work takes him from Boston to the medical clinic he established in Haiti to prisons in Russia and the slums of Peru. Kidder shows how this modern day hero overcomes tremendous obstacles to help those who need it most.