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My Fave Fives


Recommended by Resa, a patron of the Canton Public Library.

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Moby Dick

by Herman Melville
1393279.jpg A novel for slow enjoyment and written for the sort of reader who enjoys a particular kind subtle jokes, a heavy dose of philosophical pondering, and methods of storytelling and characterization that are now out of fashion. If you're the sort of reader who reads mostly for the story, and not also for the texture of how the story is told, I'd suggest that you cut your losses. The essential plot of Moby Dick could be told in a tenth the number of pages. A movie version will tell you the story without all of the philosophy, humor, and speculation about the nature of whales.

The Fountainhead

by Ayn Rand
1177896.jpg Rand's breakthrough novel about the philosophical and social movement of objectivism. Art and architecture, freedom and free will, as well as perserverance are themes that are prevalent in this work. A rich blend of characters and plot with critical thinking.

House of Flying Daggers

1348897.jpg Extremely well choreographed, great aesthetic cinematography. Beautiful scenery and great use of color and composition. Musical score enhances the mood and feeling of the scenes, and the story line is a classic love story with action blended in.

Live at the Green Mill

by Mike Jones
jonescd.jpg Jones' Jazz styling is a unique blend of bebop and jazz. He has noted paying tribute to legends like Oscar Peterson and Art Tatum. The Green Mill in Chicago, Illinois is a hip club that is lucky to feature this artist almost every June. The "Green Mill Blues" makes the album worthwhile on its own, although the entire album explores Jones' versatility and talent.


multipli.jpg Although the box office sales would show differently, this cult classic became a hit with video and dvd rentals and sales! Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell proved stellar performances in this romantic comedy. An early cloning movie shows Keaton's character Doug's multiple personalities in his clones. A funny and heartwarming movie with many great lines and quotes!