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Sheep You Won't Be Counting to Sleep


Recommended by Michelle, one of our children's librarians.

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Pete the Sheep-Sheep

by Jackie French
1363513.jpg In Shaggy Gully all the sheep herders have a sheepdog. However, Shaun has Pete, the sheep-sheep. When sheep herding doesn't quite work out, they open up their own beauty salon and suddenly everyone wants to know Pete the Sheep-Sheep.

Russell the Sheep

by Rob Scotton
1347288.jpg Poor Russell! He can't sleep! When nothing seems to work including hot milk and counting the stars, Russell decides there is only one thing left to do. Count sheep. Can counting sheep really work for a sheep that can't sleep? Help him countdown to a good night's sleep.

Sheep in a Jeep

by Nancy Shaw
1070452.jpg Imagine, sheep that can drive. Follow the misadventures as three sheep drive off and get stuck in the mud. Luckily with the help of some friends all may not be lost and with a bit of tugging and pushing, they try to get the jeep unstuck from the mud. Can a few small animals help get the sheep on their way? Find out in Sheep in a Jeep.

One More Sheep

by Mij Kelly and Russell Ayto
1394194.jpg Sam has to make sure all ten of his sheep are safe and sound for the night. However, during the night there is a tap at the door. It's another sheep! Is he an extra sheep or are the sheep in danger from a wolf in sheep's clothing? Help Sam find out and save the sheep!

If I Had a Sheep

by Mick Inkpen
1003663.jpg What would you do if you could have a sheep for a pet? In this book a small girl unwraps her sheep and shares their day with us. They build a rocket and fly to the moon, learn to count, and go exploring. Curl up with your favorite sheep and share the adventures with this little girl and her brand new sheep.