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Books So Popular That They Completely Fall Apart


Recommended by Amy, one of our adult reference librarians.

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Alex Cross Detective Series

by James Patterson
1091108.jpg Pattersons psychological thrillers featuring Washington D.C. forensic psychologist, Alex Cross, began with Along Came a Spider, published in 1993. James Pattersons novels are so popular that the library purchases multiple copies of each book, which continue to be read over and over and eventually have to be retired because they simply wear out.

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Books

by Bill Watterson
1200577.jpg Pint-sized, imaginative Calvin and his lovable stuffed tiger, Hobbes, (who is only real to Calvin) wreak havoc and have fun eating Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, riding in Calvins wagon, and generally driving Calvins parents crazy. Cartoonist Bill Watterson first penned the dynamic duo in the 1980s and they have been entertaining both kids and adults alike since then. The library has many copies of these fun books, but you may have to reserve a copy to read one since they are so popular.

Wheel of Time Series

by Robert Jordan
1079940.jpg This complicated, detailed and prolific fantasy series by the late Robert Jordan is extremely popular. Set in a medieval world reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien, Jordan weaves a tale of hundreds of characters, places and ages to create a series that has so many followers that fans have created their own websites to keep the stories straight. Jordan died before he could write the last book, and his family will have to decide when and how the last chapter of this series will be written.

A Child Called "It"

by David Pelzer
1162075.jpg Pelzers memoir of his childhood and the heinous abuse that he endured is an extremely popular item here at the library, partly due to the fact that it is recommended reading for some middle school classes. It could also be listed as one of the top books that is checked out and never returned.

The Michigan Murders

by Edward Keyes
michmrdr.jpg The grisly account of the murders that took place between 1967 and 1969 in Washtenaw County, Michigan has been immortalized in this book. It is currently out of print and the last two copies that the library owned had to be retired because they were in such bad shape. Do you have an extra copy of this book? We would gladly take your donation!