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Albums of 2007


Recommended by Bria, a former staffer with the library's Tech Services Department.

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Easy Tiger

by Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams is simply one of the best singer/songwriters working today (in my opinion). This alt-country-rock poster boy refuses to be pinned down to any one genre and the results never fail to satisfy my tastes. Easy Tiger is a great example of this diversity, as he tackles acoustic ballads, good ol' rockn'roll, and a little taste of bluegrass. If this one is checked out, look for one of his many other albumsthey're all fantastic.

Sky Blue Sky

by Wilco
1415556.jpg If Ryan Adams is my favorite singer/songwriter, then Wilco is my favorite band. Wilco's genre is also difficult to pin down as they refuse to do what is expected of a "rock band." If you watch TV, you might have already heard a song or two in the recent VW commercials. I have loved all of their albums, but this one is quickly making its way to being one of my all-time favorites of theirs, or of any album.

Children Running Through

by Patty Griffin
1407840.jpg Patty Griffin is another fantastic singer/songwriter and Children Running Through artfully showcases her ability to tell stories through her songs. Many of the songs have a great narrative, and she tells them so convincingly and beautifully.

Compass Rose Bouquet

by Great Lakes Myth Society
1421088.jpg I discovered this band only recently, but have fallen in love with their sound. A friend described them as "an Irish pub band stuck in a Lake Superior snow storm" so I had to check them out. This is a great album, start to finish. You'll find it in Folk & Ethnic, but it could easily be in Popular or Rock. GLMS is a fun band, so if you like this one, check out their self-titled album at the library also.

The Reminder

by Feist
1429878.jpg Mellow songstress Feist's new album is a nice soothing end to this list. This album helps me unwind and destress on my drive home after a long day of work and school. The songs are simple, but beautiful and catchy. Pop this one in if you want to put your feet up and relax.