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Teen Vampire and Werewolf Novels


Recommended by Teen Librarian Anna Slaughter.

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by Stephenie Meyer
1344273.jpg This is a tale of two star crossed-lovers who are separated by an extreme obstacle. However, the author is some how able to make this vampire story very real and relatable. I promise, this is one book you will have a hard time putting down. Once you have finished Twilight you will be storming the shelves for the second and third books, New Moon and Eclipse.

The Silver Kiss

by Annette Curtis Klause
1050001.jpg A story of Simon (the vampire), who one night wanders into Zoe's (the grieving, lonely, and angry teen) house. The two begin on an adventure and discover they have a great deal in common. How can two people who are so different come together? Read this compelling book to find out!

Blood and Chocolate

by Annette Curtis Klause
1146785.jpg Ever wonder what it would be like to be a werewolf? Blood and Chocolate will give you a good idea of what life is like for a teenage girl struggling with two identities. Of course there is also a romance, and lots of action! P.S. The movie with the same name is nothing like the book nor nearly as good either!


by M.T. Anderson
1161112.jpg Chris isn't just dealing with raging hormones... he is also dealing with the fact that he is a vampire. Trouble at home and threats of stakes through the heart don't help. Who can Chris trust, and how will he deal with his blood lust?


by Cynthia Leitich Smith
1405477.jpg A vampire themed restaurant, a romance, and a werewolf, what else is there to ask for? Quincie holds the fate of the family eatery in her hands, but when the chef is mauled questions begin to surface. Is Quincie's best friend (or maybe I should say boyfriend) responsible? By the way, he is a werewolf.