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Quirky Little Movies


Recommended by Joyce, one of the our adult reference librarians.

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Danny Deckchair

1343164.jpg Danny is an average guy who uses gags and pranks to liven up his blue-collar life. While his friends watch helplessly from below, Danny accidentally ends up taking off in a deck chair strapped to giant helium-filled balloons. He decides to start a whole new life in the town where he crash-lands. That is, until his old life catches up him! It's all about second chances.


1358340.jpg Hubert Flynn enjoys three loves in his life: his nightly beer, betting on the horses, and his eccentric wife - in that order. One night he comes home from the pub and turns into a rat. When a local reporter offers to write a book about the family's plight, the opportunity to cash in on their experience begins the family's struggle between love of money and their love for Hubert.


1395476.jpg Journey into the world of Will Shortz, the crossword puzzle editor at The New York Times. Shortz has spent his entire lifetime studying, creating, and editing puzzles, and has built a huge following along the way including Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

An Everlasting Piece

1216520.jpg An unlikely pair of barbers devise an outrageous plan to take over the toupee market. Leaving no rug unturned, they cut their competition down to size.

Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

1399270.jpg Mrs. Palfrey, an elegant, genteel widow, came from Scotland to London to take up residence at the Claremont Hotel. Though she had high hopes for the cosmopolitan pleasures of living in a big city, she is soon filled with a sense of uneasiness and gloom, but she takes stock and creates a new life for herself.