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Recommended Older-School Manga

Thanks to KKlupacs for another great Fave Five!

***I grew up on mid-late 90s anime (pretty much just DragonBall and Sailor Moon), though I did broaden my horizons at PCEPs Anime Club. These are the manga series that I stumbled upon between 1999 and 2005. Enjoy!

1. Love Hina
Though a major shonen series, Love Hina has a great sense of humor and a brillian story line that any teen would find thoroughly entertaining.

2. Kare Kano
A polar opposite to Love Hina, this shoujo series is written for high school age girls and describes Yukino-chan's struggle through those high school years, yearning for success and love.

3. 3x3 Eyes
It's been forever since I've read this series. An amazing fantasy series and only three volumes, it's a quick read and plenty of action for all audiences.

4. Kodocha
For the cute little girl in all of us, Kodocha is the story of a super-star 10 year old and her trials in the real world.

5. Candidate for Goddess
While at first glance similar to the Gundam series (also recommended =), Candidate for Goddess is based much more in reality for younger readers. Teens test and train for the honor and privilege to pilot one of the Goddess ships in battle to save the Earth.