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Recommended by Melissa, a patron of the Canton Public Library.

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The Memory Keepers Daughter

by Kim Edwards
1359102.jpg This book is about someone who fell apart after losing her second child (a twin). She thought that the baby had died but was she was actually raised by a nurse who helped deliver her. I chose this book because I have a Down Syndrome son, who is a blessing.

The Lost Island

by Phyllis A. Whitney
lostisla.jpg This book is about the secrets of the island and the two families that live there. I chose it for romance and mystery.

Found: One Husband

by Meredith Webber
foundone.jpg A man fell and subsequently got amnesia. Nurse Sam Abbott nursed him back to health and as he got his memory back, a mystery unravels. Chose for the mystery behind the man as he got his memory back.

A Walk in the Woods

by Bill Bryson
1163402.jpg This book is about hiking the Appalachian Trail. I chose because a co-workers daughter is currently doing this. Shes two months into it and weve been hearing all about it.

Leave It to Max

by Lori Handeland
leaveit.jpg Max was into mystery and magic but mom wasnt after her sons dad left. (He did not know about Max). Max found his dad, a horror book writer, and they were all united.