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Favorite Five Phrases From Our Collection

Thanks to Larry, a member of the libary's staff, for our latest Fave Five!

Most of us, Patrons and Library Staff alike, do a little "Window Shopping" as we pass
down the aisles between the shelves.  I'm no exception, and I admire the turn of a
phrase, be it printed or uttered, and there are many phrases that are part of the
American vocabulary as commonly understood ideas.  Some of my favorites are
obscure, and some are universal, but I feel they all offer language well used, and
ideas well presented.

They are, in ascending order of merit ( In my humble opinion):

#5."When the leader of the pack misses his kill, he is called the
Dead Wolf for the rest of his life which is usually not long."
(The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling)

#4 "We have a day to celebrate everything else in this country, why not a Day of
( Andy Rooney, CBS 60 Minutes)

#3 "Pride is a Fool's Fortress"
( Leon Uris, QBVII)

#2 "Something touched me deep inside, when I read about his Widowed Bride, The
Day the Music Died."
(Don McLean, American Pie)

And, considering I spend so much time in the Childrens Room, my personal favorite!

#1 " Hand in Hand, Off We go, Christopher Robin and I!"
(A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh)

Come "Window Shop" our collection, there are phrases , ideas and points of view in
every volume, Video, DVD, CD, or CD-Rom.  And you'll find something to remember in
every one of them. 

And share your favorites with us!