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Baby Board Books


Recommended by Poco, a patron of the Canton Public Library.

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ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book

by Dr. Seuss
1379706.jpg This book presents the alphabet sounds in a silly way that only Dr. Seuss can. I read this book so many times that I knew every crazy character and funny rhyme by heart.

How Many Veggies?

by Phil Vischer
veggies.jpg The veggies are taking a trip on a sailing ship and learn with disastrous results what happens when too many veggies climb in together. This counting book has a creative story that I didn't mind reading over and over and over....

How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends

by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
1392413.jpg Wonderful lessons about playing nice and sharing with friends joined with fun illustrations of many different dinosaurs. When my sons have trouble playing with others, we sometimes talk about what dinosaurs would do.

My Many Colored Days

by Dr. Seuss
1135118.jpg This book teaches about emotions and colors with vivid descriptions of the many ways that people might feel. The beautiful paintings are a great way to depict the feelings. More than once, this book has helped me get one of my children talking about how they are feeling.

Barnyard Dance

by Sandra Boynton
1196820.jpg I have loved Boynton books since I was young and this is my favorite. The illustrations are upbeat and cute. The cadence of the rhymes reminds me of a square dance. A great way for toddlers to learn animal names or just start them dancing.