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Stories So Suspenseful You're Sorry When They're Solved


Recommended by Elaine, an adult reference librarian at the Canton Public Library.

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True Evil

by Greg Iles
1395432.jpg An F.B.I. agent learns that Dr. Eldon Tarver, a brilliant scientist developing a biological super weapon, has teamed with a Mississippi divorce attorney who offers select clients the opportunity to avoid a protracted court fight by arranging for their spouses to die. When the agent identifies the next intended victim, Dr. Chris Shepard, she goes undercover as one of the idealistic doctor's patients and soon finds herself in a race against Tarver as well as her own superiors, who have not sanctioned her investigation. You'll wonder for whom and how they are going to stage the next death, who is actually innocent or guilty, and how our super heroine will ever survive the evil doctor in this hard to put down thriller.

The Dante Club

by Matthew Pearl
1261818.jpg This is a macabre murder mystery set directly after the Civil War in which the killer is using the punishments in Dantes Inferno (Dantes version of Hell) to punish his captives. In a bizarre way, all the punishments fit the crime. It is up to the literary likes of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and other members of the Dante Club to solve the mystery because they are the first scholars to translate Dantes work into English. This is a wonderful literary mystery with lots of background information on Dantes Inferno.

The Historian

by Elizabeth Kostova
1352641.jpg A young woman searches for the history of Vlad the Impaler, the basis for the legend of Dracula, by taking up the research started by her unfortunate father. Trails through east European countries, dusty libraries full of cryptic clues with sinister danger hidden around every turn, what more could one want in a horror novel? Written by a University of Michigan professor, full of descriptive and picturesque detail, this novel lives up to its intriguing premise, which questions the grey line between history and legend.

The Mephisto Club

by Tess Gerritsen
1389286.jpg A medical examiner and a detective try to solve the murders which surround the Mephisto Club, a group who devote themselves to proving that the devil and nephilim (offspring of men and angels mentioned in the book of Enoch) walk the earth and are responsible for evil. Drawing on a wealth of dark historical data and mysterious religious symbolism, they must interpret the clues to find the killer. Is he the devil or a human being? This will keep you guessing until the end.

The Copper Scroll

by Joel Rosenberg
1396108.jpg The Copper Scroll is a Dead Sea Scroll that lists an inventory of King Solomons temple treasures, but another key scroll is needed to decipher its contents. As plans emerge to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, all the scientists who know about the scroll are mysteriously killed. It is up to Jon and Erin Bennett to find the key scroll and translate the cryptic, biblical clues it lists to find the treasures before they too are eliminated. A fun romp through current headlines and biblical history.