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Theological Thrillers or Who Said Biblical had to be Boring?

Thanks to Elaine of the Adult Services Department for this great Fave Five!

People of the Book
 by Geraldine Brooks
The breath-taking Sarajevo Haggadah, written in 14th Century Spain to depict the Festival of Passover, was one of the earliest Jewish volumes to be illuminated in color. In the hands of Hannah, a rare book restoration expert, it yields clues to its guardians and whereabouts in evidence so fine as an insect wing, a wine stain, salt crystals, and a white hair. While readers experience crucial moments in the book's history through a series of fascinating flashbacks, Hannah finds that some interests will risk everything in the name of protecting this treasure. I admired this heroine's tenacity to discover, preserve and protect the sanctity of this book.

O Jerusalem by Laurie King
Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell enter British occupied Palestine in 1915 to solve a recent rash of murders that seem related to the growing tensions between Christians, Muslims and Jews. Disguised as Bedouins, and Mary as a beardless young boy, they reconnoiter the dusty countryside, labyrinthine bazaars, and cliff-hung monasteries into several scrapes with mortal danger. Making their way to Jerusalem, they uncover a plot to reduce the sacred temple to rubble and ignite war in the Holy Land. Depictions of the archaeological renovation of Jerusalem enhance the background of the story and make it seem as alive and controversial then as it is today. This book was one in my favorite series "The Beekeepers Apprentice" and was equally exciting.

The Last Secret of the Temple by Paul Sussman
Three principals are hard on the trail of a mysterious artifact hidden by the Nazis during WWII that dates back to the destruction of the last Jewish Temple in 70 A.D. Set in present day Egypt, the author covers plenty of ancient history while providing a backdrop to the current Israeli-Palestinian crisis. This is fun fiction with a punch.

The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer
A suspenseful search for The Book of Cain, a book of secrets God gave Cain after he murdered Abel, turns into a hunt for an original Superman comic book. The comic holds a picture puzzle that must be solved to find The Book of Cain. A secret Nazi society is competitively hunting for the prize against the FBI, a psychopath, and a father and son team. While not altogether completely believable, it is a wild ride to the finish!

The Gold of Exodus by Howard Blum
Two modern day adventurers sneak into Saudi Arabia to find the fabled fortune in gold that the Hebrew slaves took when fleeing Egypt. Using only the Bible as their guide, they search for the true site of Mount Sinai where Moses made them bury their booty. They find the massive twelve stone pillars that Moses ordered erected at the base of the mountain, a huge stone altar where the golden calf could have been worshipped and an inexplicably bare but fire-blackened mountain-top. The two become pawns in a political game when they discover that the mountain is now a missile-launching military base. This is a true story in which one of the the men discovers his own spiritual fortune in a Christian conversion.