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Family Friendly Tunes That Won't Drive Parents Crazy


Recommended by Sarah, a reference librarian in our Children's Library.

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La Luna

by Sarah Brightman
1223303.jpg This amazing British singer blends pop and classical to provide a very soothing and pretty album to listen to at naptime or when it's just time to be calm.

Children's Corner: Baby's First Album

by Various Artists
1403333.jpg This is a wonderful CD to introduce children to classical music and it's just as fun for parents to listen to. "The Waltzing Cat" and "Plink Plank Plunk" are especially fun tracks. The CD provides the perfect background for playtime, chore time, meal time or relaxing time. It has great production quality and a real orchestra, which makes it very easy to listen to again and again.

A Thousand Different Ways

by Clay Aiken
1395600.jpg This soothing album is Aiken's best yet. Each song is beautifully sung and pertains to the many different kinds of love. I received this album as a gift after my daughter was born and I especially love listening to "When I See You Smile," "Everything I Do" and "Because You Loved Me." These heartfelt songs will resonate with any parent.

Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay

by Michael Armstrong
1407653.jpg This instrumental CD takes Coldplay hits and turns them into soothing lullabies. The album is suitable for naptime and is also helpful for parents who need to unwind. If Coldplay isn't your favorite, there is a series of Rockabye Baby CDs that do the same thing with other popular bands such as Bjork, U2, The Beach Boys, Green Day and more.

At Home

by Cherish the Ladies
1178884.jpg This CD is a great introduction to Celtic music. The lively gigs and reels are great fun at playtime and the ballads are nice to listen to at any time. Much of the album is instrumental and all of it will put you in a good mood.