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Learning to Cook

Learning to Cook was submitted by Chad, a patron of the library.

How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman
I use,read, and reference this book almost every day.  Very basic and yet he offers up tons of info and ideas you can totally roll with in the kitchen.  Great for just learning how to cook when you like to follow recipes until you build confidence.

Jamie's Dinners by Jamie Oliver
I really like Jamie's writing style.  Plus his recipes are pretty basic and the pictures in his books are beautiful also.  You cannot help liking a guy that has done so much for school lunches, chicken welfare, and mis-guided youth.  The stuff he does over in the U.K. is amazing.  Check it out.

The Daily Soup Cookbook by Leslie Kaul and Peter Siegel
I use this book more frequently in the winter than any other time simply because that is when my family eats soup.  That said this is the only soup book I have ever purchased and the only one I will probably ever need.  The recipes are that good.  From basic stocks to crazy tastes this is one great soup book.

Tasty: Get Food on the Table Every Day by Roy Finamore
This book is amazing.  That is probably why it is a James Beard award winner.  The recipes cover just about everything.  On top of that they are all easy and pretty quick.  No need to prep stuff two days in advance here.  Some of these recipes will become classics in your home - I am sure of it.

How to Cook Without A Book: Recipes and Techniques Every Cook Should Know by Heart by Pam Anderson
This was the first cookbook I ever bought and I have since passed it on to another beginner.  This book is a lifesaver for those of us who never learned anything about cooking in our youth.  This will start you on the right track to learning how to feed yourself.  This book teaches the basic techniques of cooking and gives you ideas to expand them once you get comfortable.  I recommend this one to everyone.

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