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Floral Favorites


Recommended by Karen, one of our adult reference librarians.

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Flowers, Design, Philosophy

by Jane Packer
1228680.jpg This selection includes stylish design ideas and practical tips. Color, shape and texture are explored to help with your own creation.

Flowers: The Complete Book of Floral Design, Choosing, Creating, Presenting

by Paula Pryke
1333187.jpg Another leading floral designer presents unusual combinations and compositions and provides practical tips for you to create your own arrangement.

Flowers A-Z: Buying, Growing, Cutting Arranging

by Cecelia Heffernan
1204386.jpg A beautiful reference guide to selecting and caring for the best from florist and garden. Arranged alphabetically from Agapanthus to Zinnia, this guide gives information specific for each flower. I find this to be a very practical guide and am drawn to the wonderful color photography.

Sensational Bouquets by Christian Tortu: Arrangements by a Master Floral Designer

by Corine Delahaye
1203686.jpg Stunning photographs of floral arrangement by a Frenchman who has designed for Dior and Chanel. The designs push the rules of traditional flower arranging with novel compositions that show off the shapes and colors of individual flowers.

Flowers by Design

by Jeff Leatham
1317204.jpg Another renowned floral designer who uses novel techniques in his designs. I am drawn to his bold, colorful and unusual arrangements.