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Movies to See Again


Recommended by the Movie Watcher, a former staff member of the Canton Public Library's Technology Department.

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1197257.jpg Surely Airplane! is one of the best "laugh a minute" movies of all time. And stop calling me Shirley.


1321144.jpg Memento is the ultimate "who done it." Plan to watch it twice in a row if you haven't seen it before.

North by Northwest

1334454.jpg North by Northwest is the classic suspense tale about a man who is misidentified and the unfolding of a devious plot. The sights, locations and landmarks give a tour of the U.S.

The Blues Brothers

1359740.jpg The Blues Brothers has a good story line, engaging humor, great music, an amazing cast, and perhaps the best car chase of all time.

The Sixth Sense

1389645.jpg The Sixth Sense has aspects that many people would miss, including the "frame" for the movie and the metaphysical or parapsychological interpretations of characters, objects and events.