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Just Because You're Not Paranoid Doesn't Mean You Can't Enjoy a Good Conspiracy Novel


Recommended by Elaine, one of our adult services librarians.

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Wild Fire

by Nelson DeMille
1392938.jpg A rogue group of government employees want to stage nuclear suitcase bombings in two cities so as to justify the American nuclear bombing of several Arab capitals in retaliation. Anti-terrorist task force specialist John Corey and his F.B.I. agent wife have to stop this plot before it unfolds. Because the author acknowledges that his novel is based on partly true procedures and government programs, I marveled at how much might be fiction versus fact and how much might actually happen. Nelson DeMille is one of my favorite authors and this fast paced, exciting and informative novel don't disappoint.

The Grail Conspiracy

by Ann Sholes and Joe Moore
1366775.jpg A female reporter must stop the cloning of Jesus Christ from the DNA in the newly discovered Holy Grail (the Last Supper wine cup). When television news anchor Cotten Stone goes to Iraq, she stumbles upon the Holy Grail in an archaeological dig. What happens next, when the Catholic Church takes over, sets an ancient evil back in motion, as a genetic biolab attempts to clone Jesus Christ from the DNA left in the cup. Cotten is the "chosen one" (according to several bizarre sources) that must stop this from happening and is lead into one adventure after another in this endeavor.

The Camel Club

by David Baldacci
1357664.jpg An ex-Secret Service Agent must stop the murder of the President of the United States by Arab terrorists in this densely plotted page-turner. The Camel Club exists to unravel conspiracies and this tale starts when they witness the murder of an intelligence analyst in the woods. The club's special background skills and intelligence combine to solve the mystery of this conspiracy.

The Librarian

by Larry Beinhart
1334879.jpg As librarian/archivist David Goldberg begins to digitize political history for a wealthy conservative, the political friends and colleagues of this powerful man fear he will find out about their dirty tricks in their attempts to control the upcoming election. Their efforts to remove him from his position at any cost necessary are both nail-bitingly tense and hilarious in this novel by an Edgar Award Winning author.

Kingdom Come

by Jim Hougan
1180574.jpg A CIA officer seeks to uncover information about a secret society that controls world politics and economics whose present members work with him for the CIA. As he eludes his would-be assassins by running from one corner of the globe to another, he picks up clues involving the secret ancestry of Jesus Christ, a CIA formula for immortality and an agenda to rule the world. Steady action and humor kept me reading to the end.