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A Mummy, a Wizard, a Princess and Two Romances


Recommended by Radhika, a teen patron of the Canton Public Library.

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by Caroline B. Cooney
1191390.jpg The book is about a girl who has always had a desire to steal something and never get caught. She finally gets the chance to steal a mummy from the nearby museum. Its a mysterious book with a surprise ending.


by Laura and Tom McNeal
zipped.jpg Its about a boy, Mick, who likes this girl, Lisa. He also thinks his stepmom is having an affair with someone. Also, Lisa sort of likes Mick too but she likes someone else also. Somehow all these problems are zipped together and youll find out how when you read the book. It has a surprise ending.

Tropical Kiss

by Jan Coffey
1362639.jpg This is about a girl who has to go to Aruba to live with her dad for the summer. She never really knew her dad so it was hard. She finds out some really scary things about her dad while she falls in love with a guy.

The Princess Present

by Meg Cabot
1350306.jpg Its the 5 ½ book in the series. Its Christmas and Mia is in Geovia. Lilly and her brother, Michael, come for Christmas too. Its romantic because Michael is Mias boyfriend. Its a short story about how she chose the right Christmas gift for him.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

by J.K. Rowling
1342949.jpg Its about Harry Potters sixth year at Hogwarts. Dumbledore has found a way to kill Voldemort. They both go and try to start on that journey. Lots of surprises happen along the way.