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Some Good Works of Art


Recommended by Rajul, a teen patron of the Canton Public Library.

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by Linkin Park (Music CD)
1269014.jpg Meteora is an album by Linkin Park. It is a mixture of influential, upbeat rock/metal songs that are a definite must-listen.

Gregor the Overlander

by Suzanne Collins
1280424.jpg If you love fantasy, then you must read this high fantasy classic. It has a very good storyline, involving a battle between good and evil.

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Adventure

by Eoin Colfer
1234783.jpg Great book with an intriguing, twisting storyline and plot. Recommended for higher-level readers with an interest in fiction.

Crazy Weekend

by Gary Soto
1111893.jpg Good book in which two thieves are chasing two teenagers because the teenagers and their uncles published the robbers story in the newspaper. Great medium speed, fictional story.

The Kid Who Ran for President

by Dan Gutman
1144333.jpg A 12-year-old, Judson Moon, fights his way to run for president. Good book with a great plot, and also funny at times. A must read for the young age.