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What the Librarian Loved When She Was Little


Recommended by Ruth, a reference librarian in our Children's Library..

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Christina Katerina and the Box

by Patricia Lee Gauch
katerina.jpg Every child knows the many uses of a good box. Using her imagination, Christina Katerina turns a refrigerator box into a clubhouse, a racecar, and a dance floor, much to her mothers displeasure, who only wants her nice, neat yard back. Although the Canton Public Library doesnt own this particular book (you can request it through Interlibrary loan), we do have several other adventures of Christina Katerina.

Madelines Rescue

by Ludwig Bemelmans
1073781.jpg While walking on a bridge railing Madeline falls into the Seine and is rescued by a heroic dog. Miss Clavel and her 12 students name the dog Genevieve and bring her home. But with a school board who says dogs arent allowed at school and 12 little girls who cant share, Miss Clavel is certainly not getting very much sleep. My family read this book so many times that it resulted in spontaneous recitations at the dinner table.

Harry the Dirty Dog

by Gene Zion
1043649.jpg Harry hates baths. He hates them so much that one day he buries the scrub brush and runs away. After spending the day getting good and dirty, he comes home to discover his family doesnt recognize him!

The Big Orange Splot

by Daniel Manus Pinkwater
1026001.jpg Mr. Plumbean lives on a very neat street where all the houses are the same. That is until a seagull carrying a can of bright orange paint (no one knows why) drops it on the roof of Mr. Plumbeans house and sets off a chain of events that results in some colorful and unusual developments.

Mr. Willowbys Christmas Tree

by Robert Barry
1032481.jpg When Mr. Willowbys Christmas tree is placed in his parlor, to his dismay, it is too tall for a star! A quick thinking butler chops off the top and delivers it to the upstairs maid. Then the treetop is shared with all the forest animals. To find out exactly how, youll have to read this fun circular story that quickly became a holiday favorite at our house.