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Teen de Lights


Recommended by Nicole, a teen patron of the Canton Public Library.

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Sword Dancer

by Jennifer Roberson
sworddan.jpg Tiger is a famous sword dancer who makes his living by fighting, sometimes to the death. When Del, a strong, beautiful Northern woman, hires him to help her find her brother, they have an amazing journey. The beginning of an excellent six book series!


by Scott Westerfeld
1358830.jpg Tally lives in a world where everyone gets an operation to turn "pretty" on their sixteenth birthday. One of her friends escapes the operation and Tally is faced with a terrible choice. This is an exciting story that also makes you think.

American Gods

by Neil Gaiman
1208938.jpg Shadow is just about to be released from prison when he gets the news that his wife died. On the plane, he meets a stranger who knows too much about him and becomes engaged in the battle of old gods vs. new gods. A dark, excellent book!

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging

by Louise Rennison
1187018.jpg This is the diary of Georgia Nicholson, a British teenager with an insane life. An absolutely hilarious light read! Do not read this book while drinking something: it will surely come out of your nose!

The Hollow Kingdom

by Clare B. Dunkle
1283633.jpg Kate is a young, British noblewoman who stands to inherit a beautiful mansion. When she and her sister get lost in the woods, she meets Marak, a strange creature who wants to take her too his kingdom. One of my favorite fantasy trilogies!