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Princesses Who Can Save Themselves, Thank You Very Much


Recommended by Linda, a librarian in our Children's Department.

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Once Upon a Curse (Audiobook)

by E.D. Baker
1370738.jpg I suggest you read (or listen to) all the books in this charming series (Tales of the Frog Princess a new one out in 2006!), but this recording of the third book is lively listening indeed. Princess Esmerelda faces danger and travels through time in order to break the curse that has vexed her family and threatens her own future happiness.

The Princess and the Pizza

by Mary Jane Auch
1231406.jpg Read this story and play guess the fairytale! Princess Paulina punctures pomposity as fairytale conventions are flouted. And Princess Paulina? Her spirit and ingenuity bring her to a happily ever after on her own terms!

The Princess Knight

by Cornelia Funke
1313939.jpg No dimwit in a tin suit will do for this feisty gal. Not content to allow a jousting tournament decide who should win her hand in marriage, she decides to win the privilege to choose for herself.

Princess Academy

by Shannon Hale
1359163.jpg Miri is the smallest girl in the village. When the kingdoms priest declare that the next princess will come from Miris mining village, others scoff that she would ever be chosen, academy or no. But when trouble strikes, Miri finds strength and wisdom can come in small packages.

One Riddle, One Answer

by Lauren Thompson
1202000.jpg Ok, I cheated. Aziza isnt a princess, but a sultans daughter. She devises a riddle which potential suitors must answer. Not impressed by money or might, only the well thought out complete answer leads her to her partner. Shows that you dont have to be a guy to be smart at math.