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Recommended by Andrea, a patron of the Canton Public Library.

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We Were Soldiers Once... And Young

by Harold G. Moore
1372461.jpg Teaches what war really is in great detail. All the information and pictures are accurate. I enjoyed it and you will too.

We Were Soldiers

1243686.jpg Shows the reality of war. Based on the book We Were Soldiers Once and Young by Harold G. Moore and operation LZ-XRAY during the Vietnam War.

About a Boy

by Nick Hornby
1242754.jpg This book is better than the movie. A kid's mom is single and he wants her to hook up with a friend he met. It's good!

The Pacifier

1355656.jpg Vin Diesel becomes a babysitterhes a man on a mission! This is a comedy that makes you laugh the entire time.

A League of Their Own

1234555.jpg When the men all go off to war, baseball gets a makeover and women start to play the game.