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Fresh Voices in Fantasy


Recommended by Jacqueline Carey, a bestselling fantasy author, based in Michigan, whose titles can be found at the Canton Public Library.

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by Sarah Monette
1364354.jpg Her debut novel features an enticing blend of cat burglars and wizards, intrigue and madness. Mélusine is a lush novel, rife with decadent magic, debilitating madness and dubious deeds, told in a compelling entwined narrative. The setting is richly imagined, a sprawling city at once strange and familiar, and the characters are vivid and alive.

Working for the Devil

by Lilith Saint-Crow
1381024.jpg In her first novel for a major mainstream publisher, Saint-Crow mixes disparate elements for a fast, fun read. Working for the Devil combines dark urban fantasy with a splash of cyberpunk, a pinch of paranormal romance and a dash of gritty crime thriller to create a unique and engaging melange.

A Shadow in Summer

by Daniel Abraham
1380969.jpg This new author has created a fascinating culture and a very fresh and unique take on magic. A Shadow in Summer is one of the most elegant and engaging fantasies Ive read in years, based on an intriguing, original premise. I eagerly await the remaining volumes in Daniel Abrahams Long Price Quartet.

In the Eye of Heaven

by David Keck
1381027.jpg In the Eye of Heaven is a fantasy for readers who relish a bracing jolt of reality in their escapism. This is a powerful and assured debut novel, featuring gritty realism, skilled characterization and compelling storytelling set against the backdrop of a mythos that has the ring of primordial truth.

Heir of Autumn

by Giles Carwyn and Todd Fahnestock
1380993.jpg Reading this debut reminded me of being a kid and falling in love with the genre in the first place. Heir of Autumn, the first volume in a new epic fantasy series, is a consistently engaging debut novel that delivers some real shocks along the way. Fantasy lovers will devour it!