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Sports Movies


Recommended by Mike, a movie buff and member of the Friends of the Canton Public Library Contemporary Book Discussion Group.

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1202990.jpg Corny in many ways, but hugely likable and entirely memorable. An underdog hero in what was truly an underdog movie.

The Pride of the Yankees

1245983.jpg Gary Cooper doesn't look much like a ballplayer, but other than that, the casting is perfect. His final speech is an absolute tearjerker.


1249274.jpg As a former caddy, I know much of this movie is over the top, but not that far off the mark (both in the caddyard and on the course)! Rodney Dangerfield's one-liners are repeated on golf courses around the world every day!


1224922.jpg Absolutely hilarious from start to finish! Paul Newman in a role like nothing he'd ever done. Interesting fact - the script was written by a woman!

Chariots of Fire

1261369.jpg Best movie ever about the physical struggle and emotional pressure inherent in becoming a world-class athlete. Anyone who runs on a beach will always think of this movie.