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Compelling Christian Fiction: From the Charming to the Chilling


Recommendations from Elaine, a reference librarian in our Adult Department.

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The Last Jihad

by Joel Rosenberg
1261812.jpg Jon Bennett, a Wall Street investor strategist, is putting together an Israeli-Palestinian oil deal to promote peace in the Middle East when a coordinated terrorist strike on several cities in the U.S. and Europe destroys his plan. He becomes a member of the Presidents inner circle of advisors and privy to inside military information involving the U.S., Iraq and Israel. The main question here is: What if the War on Terror goes nuclear? In the meantime, Jons C.I.A. girlfriend Erin tries to influence him to become a Christian in the face of constant stress and uncertainty. High drama and a sense of impending doomsday dread left me wanting more in this spectacular action-packed thriller.

The Last Days

by Joel Rosenberg

In this sequel to The Last Jihad, when a suicide bomber kills Yasser Arafat as well as the U.S. Secretary of State, Jon Bennett and the Presidents remaining staff struggle to escape the Gaza Strip as civil war over Yassers succession breaks out in Palestine. Can Jon Bennett and associates make peace before the Middle East goes to pieces? Or even survive all the attacks on their lives? In the midst of this mess, Jon ponders the attraction and meaning of the Christian faith, considering its potential for his life. This is rich in international political detail and even a continuing love interest, as Bennetts C.I.A. bodyguard is the lovely mid-East expert, Arabic-speaking, almost indestructible Erin McCoy.

The Ezekiel Option

by Joel Rosenberg
1357411.jpg Jon Bennett watches his oil for peace initiative fall further apart as Russia prepares for war against Israel while Dr. Mordecai, former head of Israels secret intelligence, tries to convince the President of America that supernatural powers will eliminate Israel based on biblical prophecy based on the Book of Ezekiel. In this final book of the series, Jon finally decides to become a Christian and accepts that there is something completely supernatural about the Bibles knowledge of present and future events. There is lots of action, lots of fun and a biblical education on Ezekiel.

At Home in Mitford

by Jan Karon
1146090.jpg This first book in the Mitford series is a gentle love story about a small town pastor and his life with the funny, delightful characters of Mitford who (almost) all (there is a thief in the town) practice Christian values which are often challenged in the hassles of everyday living. In the first novel, Father Tim is falling for his neighbor, Cynthia, but in the second, A Light in the Window, a wealthy parishioner makes a play for his heart. There are six others which are equally charming after this one; These High Green Hills, Out to Caanan, A New Song, A Common Life: The Wedding Story, In This Mountain and Light From Heaven.

One Tuesday Morning

by Karen Kingsbury
1270685.jpg When Jake Bryan loses his memory in the World Trade Center collapse, his wife Jamie helps him recover it along with his deep faith in God. This is a love story with tragedy, heroism, faith and romance illustrating why Gods place in a marriage matters. Also of interest is the sequel, Beyond Tuesday Morning, which continues Jamies story about recovery after loss and moving on with ones life. The author really makes the characters real as she reveals their pain, sorrow, grief and healing.