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Favorites from Val, a patron of Teen Place and the Canton Public Library.

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by Patricia McConnick
1200707.jpg This is a good book and lets the reader get an insider's glimpse into the pain of self-mutilation.

The Phantom of Manhattan

by Frederick Forsyth
1182149.jpg Where the play and the book leave off, this book picks up. Haunting images and a great twist leave the reader with a lasting impression.

Book of Shadows

by Cate Teiracan
1216377.jpg Dreamy guy, best friends and magic. Who wouldn't like this book? Cate catches your imagination and doesn't let go for the whole series.

The Phantom of the Opera

1348881.jpg Classic love story. Boy loves girl, girl loves other boy. First boy tries to kill second boy for girl. All set in a lush musical setting.

Anywhere But Home

by Evanescence (Music CD and DVD)
1339953.jpg Evanescences haunting lyrics and Amy Lee's powerful voice ensnares people of all ages and doesn't let go. Anyone can relate to her lyrics dealing with themes from childhood playgrounds to lost love.