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Books So Engrossing, My Family Had to Fix Their Own Dinner


Favorites from Danielle, with the Tech Services Department of the Canton Public Library.

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Killing Me Softly

by Nicci French
1170286.jpg This psychological thriller, set in London, tells the story of a woman who has it all: a wonderful boyfriend, great apartment, fantastic job, caring friends. Until she leaves it all behind in an instant for an obsessive love that she finds with a handsome stranger. Frightening signs and secrets from his past, however, begin to point towards much more than she ever bargained for. You won't be able to sleep until you've finished every last page.

Tell No One

by Harlan Coben
1206623.jpg From the first line in this suspense thriller, "There should have been a dark whisper in the wind," this book is a definite page turner. After David Becks wife is kidnapped and murdered, he receives emails, supposedly from her, on the anniversary of their first kiss. Can he find out what really happened to his wife while avoiding being blamed for it himself? The ending is one you'll never see coming and won't be able to wait to discover.

White Oleander

by Janet Fitch
1169573.jpg In graceful and witty prose, this book tells the story of a free-spirited mother with her own ideas about the world, trying to mold her young daughter into the type of person she believes that she should become. However, after going to prison for murder, her daughter is shuffled from foster home to foster home and begins to form her own ideas about herself and the world, straining the relationship with her mother who struggles to remain in control from behind bars. This exploration of mother-daughter relationships will keep you turning those pages.


by Jeffrey Eugenides
1243959.jpg This saga of a Greek-American family spans several generations as we follow the journey of a single gene and its effects on our main character. Calliope is born into this family with a genetic defect, causing her to be a hermaphrodite. Both insightful and humorous, this book explores the struggles of both Calliope and her family to come to terms with this condition. You'll simply have to know what happens next.

Left Behind

by Tim Lahaye and Jim Jenkins
1133473.jpg The first book in this addictive series sets the stage for the Rapture in the New Testament to take place. As the faithful from all over the world suddenly disappear without explanation, those who remain in doubt are left behind to join forces with either Christ or the Anti-Christ. With many books in this series, you won't be able to stop with just one.