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Graphic Novels for Lovers of Crime/Mystery Fiction and Thrillers


Favorites from Dave Richards, with the Tech Services Department of the Canton Public Library.

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100 Bullets Vol 1: First Shot, Last Call

by Brian Azzarello
1356974.jpg What would you do if you could get away with Murder? This is the first chapter in Brian Azzarellos epic hard-boiled crime drama that examines that question. The mysterious Agent Graves appears to people whose lives have been ruined. He offers them unimpeachable proof that their misfortunes were caused by one individual. Graves also offers a briefcase with a gun and 100 bullets and a guaranteed immunity from prosecution. Graves motives are an ongoing mystery that unfolds as the story progresses and have to do with the secret history of the USA.

The Losers: Ante Up

by Andy Diggle
1356978.jpg When the CIA tried to kill a unit of highly trained special operations Commandoes, they didnt realize they were firing the opening shots in a brutal war. This is the first chapter of Andy Diggle's fast paced, gritty,spy/action thriller, which follows the unit codenamed "The Losers" as they hunt down the rogue elements in the CIA that tried to kill them. The series easily beats any Hollywood thriller with the amount of action and surprising twists and turns. The series is also politically relevent because many of the series more frightening concepts are based on real world situations that Diggle has researched.

The Human Target

by Peter Milligan
1356977.jpg Christopher Chance doesn't know who he is anymore. Chance is a master of disguise who offers to impersonate people in serious trouble and help remedy their situations. The problem is Chance is too good at his job and the line between impersonating a person and becoming them starts to blur. This is the first part of Peter Milligan's take on this classic comic character. The Human Target takes the freshness of a show like Quantum Leap, blends it with the elements of a hardboiled crime story, and adds the identity/psychological elements of the movie/book Fight Club.

Gotham Central Vol 1: In the Line of Duty

by Ed Brubaker
1359266.jpg Imagine Law & Order set in Gotham City. This is the opening chapter of Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker's amazing police procedural. It follows the interesting and diverse cast of characters that comprise the Gotham City Police Department's Major Crime Unit. Batman can't be everywhere, so it's up to the MCU to solve some of the city's most shocking and mysterious crimes.

Point Blank

by Ed Brubaker
1365752.jpg Cole Cash's friend has been shot and, to solve this mind bending mystery, Cash must descend into the gritty and frightening underworld of super powered criminals. Point Blank is a hard hitting mystery that mixes super powered beings with spies and organized crime. The book has a shocking and powerful climax. This graphic novel also serves as a prequel to Ed Brubaker's graphic novel series "Sleeper" which is best described as "Donnie Brasco" with super villains.