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Favorites from Catherine, a patron of the Canton Public Library.

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Magic or Madness

by Justine Larbalestier
1349542.jpg Fifteen-year old Reason Cansino is no stranger to running away but shes never before stepped out a back door in Sydney, Australia and wound up in a snowy place called New York. Everyone likes the idea that if we could find magic it would solve everything but I like the idea in Justine Larbalestiers Magic or Madness even more that magic comes with a price. Reason is easily one of the strongest characters Ive ever read, and also one of the most interesting. Shes smart, self-reliant and not afraid to stand up for herself. In the end of the book though, she still has to make the same choice all of the women in her mothers family have made to use magic and, in doing so, shorten your lifetime immensely, like her grandmother chose, or to not use magic at all and instead let it build up inside you until it literally drives you insane, like her mother chose.

In the Forests of the Night

by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
1174222.jpg Risika wasnt always a vampire; 300 years ago she was simply a teenage girl named Rachel. In Amelia Atwater-Rhodes In the Forests of the Night, Rachel slowly, slowly begins to accept that she cant change back. I personally love anything and everything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes but this one is a particular favorite. Like J.K. Rowling has created a world for witches and wizards, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes does the same for vampires. She gives them histories and experiences, creating a fascinating book in the process. Rachel Risika isnt your typical struggling heroine, her brother Alexander might not be as dead as he seems and Aubrey isnt quite the quintessential bad guy.


by Holly Black
1358352.jpg Valerie Russell doesnt believe in magic, or that she saw a woman with hooves, or that theres a troll living in an abandoned subway, because none of it is realright? In Valiant, all of Holly Blacks characters are strong and unique. Each of them is driven by something different and each of their personal quirks is revealed in a way that just makes you want to read the books over and over again. My favorite thing about both books is how the characters are written and how they develop none of them are perfect and all of them have weaknesses or fears that make them do unexpected things. Also recommended by this author, Tithe, which takes place in the same "world."

Blood and Chocolate

by Annette Curtis Klause
1146785.jpg Vivian Gandillon is the werewolf heroine in Annette Curtis Klauses Blood and Chocolate, where werewolves can fall in love with humans and change whenever they want to not just at the full moon. I love this book because its ending is completely different than the beginning the truths that come out about Vivians pack are surprising and unexpected. The book keeps your curiosity from the first page and leaves you hoping for more on the last.

The Truth-Tellers Tale

by Sharon Shinn
1362558.jpg There are four types of people in the world: Truth-Tellers, like Eleda, Safe-Keepers, like her mirror twin Adele, a Dream-Maker and all the normal people. While this is the sequel to The Safe-Keepers Secret which was wonderful and had unexpected turns all its own I think I actually like this one a little better. Eleda and Adele are exact opposites, so the problems and situations they find themselves in are often vastly different. Its a fun read that takes place somewhere that seems very far away. Its another book where I love not just the characterization but also the setting.