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Life Lessons


Recommended by Kady, a patron of the Canton Public Library.

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An Hour Before Daylight

by Jimmy Carter (audiobook)
1214539.jpg How impressive is Jimmy Carter's ability to remember minute details of how his father's depression era farm ran. By letting you into his heart and mind, Jimmy Carter isn't stingy with his feelings.

Founding Fathers on Leadership

by Donald T. Phillips (audiobook)
founding.jpg In this book, we learn many things about Washington, Adams, Jefferson and others. If this author did his homework, and I believe that he did, our country has fallen off track. I believe that they would be disappointed in our disrespect for what they were trying to achieve.

A Question of God

by Armand M. Nicholi (audiobook)
1247301.jpg In this book, the author tries to explain Freud and C.S. Lewis diverging views on points of theology. I found it fascinating and I believe that Lewis won hands down.

Grandparenting in a Changing World

by Eda LeShan
gparents.jpg In this book, we receive good advice on unconditional love. Also, there is much support and advice for the many grandparents bringing up grandchildren. She helps point out that guilt has to be thrown off; if a person did the best that they could raising children, those children are responsible for their own actions as adults. We may be aware of many of her lessons, but she opens up our hearts to really let them soak in. She also includes a large list of resources.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

by Mark Haddon (audiobook)
1277467.jpg This lesson is a bit more obvious than in the other books. Many people have never heard of Asperger's Syndrome, and we are cleverly taught about this disorder by the main character, Christopher. We are almost able to get into his mind, feel his feelings, and see the world through his eyes. Having Christopher be an only child was genius on Mr. Hadden's part, since the focus is solely on him and not on siblings. Listening to this book, as opposed to reading it, added an extra dimension since the reader was excellent.