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Escape Exit


Recommended by Kori, a patron of the Canton Public Library.

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by Laurie Halse Anderson
1178283.jpg I love Anderson's style of writing. The characters in all of her books (including Catalyst) have a very personal connection with me. They really come alive and I can imagine being them or being friends with them.

Pendragon: Black Water

by D.J. McHale
1323602.jpg The whole series of the Pendragon books is extraordinary. It's a classic "a regular boy figures out he has to save the world" book with a twist. Each of the stories is so unique and widening.

The Bar Code Tattoo

by Suzanne Weyn
1358953.jpg This book is futuristic and it really struck me as a story that could actually occur later on in history. The thought of "Whoa, that could happen!" flew in my mind. This is about a girl fighting for freedom.

Cold Tom

by Sally Prue
1277231.jpg Tom is a very delicate character and the book is very gripping in making the reader feel how Tom felt when he left. The intensity and awareness of Tom's personality really reminds me of my own feelings.

Demon in My View

by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
1190441.jpg I am in love with every single one of Rhodes books, characters and beautifully written, exciting stories. She is so talented at creating a unique and thrilling book. They are so strange but at the same time real.