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Movies to See With Girlfriends


Recommended by Laura, a former member of the library's Adult Services Department.

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Pretty Woman

1263382.jpg A modern-day fairy tale. Self-involved corporate raider, Edward Lewis, makes the acquaintance of a free-spirited hooker, Vivian Ward, and decides to put her on a $3,000-dollar retainer as his date. He Cinderellarizes her by bankrolling a full wardrobe and cosmetic makeover, and she makes some changes to his life, much to his surprise.

Under the Tuscan Sun

1314546.jpg A woman starts her life over with a new home in a new land. Francis is a writer in her mid-30s, who feels emotionally drained after her divorce. Unhappy and unable to write, her friend gives Frances a ticket for a two-week tour of the Tuscany region of Italy. While there, Frances finds a dilapidated old villa, and charmed by the warmth, and beauty of the small town of Cortona, she impulsively decides to buy the villa and fix it up herself. Frances soon develops a new confidence as she make friends with her neighbors and finds love with a handsome local.

Banger Sisters

1272199.jpg For some, the 1960s never really ended and one woman happily stuck in the Summer of Love discovers her one-time best friend has left that decade as far behind as possible. Suzette is still her free-spirited self and decides to look up Vinnie whom she hasnt seen for 20 years. Upon her arrival, Suzette discovers Vinnie isnt quite the same person who used to chase any man with long hair and an electric guitar. Now going by her given name of Lavina, shes a straight laced social worker with a lawyer for a husband and two teenage daughters, none of whom know about her wild and crazy past.

Dirty Dancing

1151460.jpg In 1960, Baby Houseman is a 17-year old spending her last summer as a carefree adolescent with her family at a resort hotel in the Catskills. One night Baby hears what sounds like a party going on in the employees dormitory and pokes her head in to discovers most of the hotel staff enjoying the close dancing that would get you kicked out of a senior prom in no time. Baby is struck by handsome Johnny Castle, a dancer in the resorts floorshow and falls head over heels in love, much to her fathers displeasure.

Calendar Girls

1321169.jpg Based on the true story of a group of working-class British housewives, this film follows the adventures of best friends Chris Harper and Annie Clarke. Both women are members of the charitable Rylstone Womens Institute in North Yorkshire. After Annies husband dies of leukemia, the friends are motivated to take some action. They convince the group to print a tastefully nude calendar featuring the ladies in daily activities of gardening and baking. Despite the disapproval of the Institutes leader, the calendar quickly becomes a best-seller and leads the group to Hollywood.