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Death Can Be Interesting


Recommended by Judy, a former staffer in the library's Technical Services Department

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A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

by Dave Eggers
1185711.jpg This is an interesting biography about how Dave Eggers, a college student, took custody of his young brother, Topher, and how they survived a cross-country move and relocation in California. An interesting look at different cultures and poverty. Recommended by my son, Chris.

The Lovely Bones

by Alice Sebold
1243695.jpg This is a fascinating narrative by the victim of a murder and how life tries to go on. I chose it because my mother in law recommended it to me. I'm also interested in stories about "heaven."

The Corrections

by Jonathan Franzen
1215464.jpg The "corrections" are at the heart of a typical Midwestern family (like mine). As you read the book you obviously see the mess and heartaches of their lives that need to be corrected. Again, this was recommended to me by my son, Chris.

The Tarnished Eye

by Judith Guest
1320745.jpg Fascination with northern Michigan made me choose this book and also the fact that it was based on a true murder mystery.


by Susan Kay
phantom.jpg My fascination with "The Phantom of the Opera" made me grab this book to read the fictionalization of Eric's life from birth to death, with the ending that I always wanted to happen. Sorry Raoul.