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The Undertaking


Recommended by Bob, a patron of the Canton Public Library.

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The Undertaking: Life Studies From the Dismal Trade

by Thomas Lynch
1148511.jpg Once described as "poetic prose," this collection of essays and stories describes the life of a modern funeral director.

Bodies in Motion and at Rest

by Thomas Lynch

In this collection of nonfiction essays and poems, Mr. Lynch brings life to his profession in the mortuary trade.

Elmwood Endures

by Michael S. Franck
1134424.jpg Part of the Michigan History collection. Mr. Franck shows the history and ongoing life of Detroit's Elmwood Cemetery in photos and description of many of its famous and infamous residents.

A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada

by Lindalee Tracey
1359663.jpg Originally a series of TV documentaries produced by CBC. This book traces the various immigrants who settled and formed Canada over the past 150 years. The subtitle reads: They came on dreams, the immigrants, to build a nation. Given to me on my 70th birthday with the inscription: To a fellow recipient of the crazy Bulmer seeds that scattered on wayward paths to Canada & the U.S.

The African Queen

by C.S. Forester
1004715.jpg C.S. Forester, of Horatio Hornblower fame, captures the British "stiff upper lip" in early 20th century Africa. Growing up in the early 1940s, Africa was the "Dark Continent," and always mysterious. This novel brings it all to life.