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I Love a Mystery

I wait impatiently for these authors'  next release

Recommended by Joyce, an adult reference librarian at the Canton Public Library.

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Michael Connelly

1086571.jpg Set in current day Los Angeles, Connellys hero is a member of the LAPD and a Vietnam veteran with the improbable name of Hieronymus Harry Bosch. The books are police procedurals, but you get to know Harry through the crimes he solves and the people he has to deal with on the streets and in the department. Music plays a big part in Harrys life, and Harrys love of jazz has exposed me to performers I wouldnt have discovered on my own. The series begins with The Black Echo.

Barbara Hambly

1150013.jpg Set in New Orleans, shortly after the Louisiana Purchase, Hamblys amateur detective, Benjamin January, was born a slave, but freed in late childhood. He is well-educated, trained as a surgeon in France and an accomplished musician. He has reluctantly returned to America upon the death of his first wife from the cholera that swept Europe in the early 1800s. Hambly creates a vivid picture of New Orleans society and the everyday humiliations and fears of being a freed man in a slave state. The series begins with A Free Man of Color.

Steve Hamilton

1160566.jpg I started reading this series featuring a former Detroit cop, Alex McKnight, because it was set in Michigan. McKnights partner was killed in the line of duty, and McKnight himself was severely injured. Unable to return to the force, McKnight moves to Paradise, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. There is humor in these stories, albeit ironic. The mysteries are convoluted, and watching McKnight slowly recover from his trauma as the series continues makes these a good read. The series begins with A Cold Day in Paradise.

Sharan Newman

1256533.jpg This series features Catherine LeVendeur and her family. Set in medieval France, Catherines family are merchants, thus allowing the characters to move around Europe and what we now know as the Middle East. Early in the series, Catherine makes discoveries of her family origin that will impact the stories from then on. Its her coming to terms with this discovery and the way it tests her beliefs that makes these books interesting reads. The series begin with Death Comes as Epiphany.

Anne Perry

1128401.jpg With Anne Perry, I get two for one. The first series features Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. The second series features William Monk and Hester Latterly. Both series are set in England during Queen Victorias reign; one at the beginning of her reign and one near the end. Perry creates a vivid portrait of the England of the late 1850s (Monk) and the 1880s (Pitt) and not just the physical geography of England, but the social mores of the people Monk and Pitt meet. The Pitt series begins with The Cater Street Hangman and the Monk series begins with The Face of a Stranger.