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Books to Understand the War on Terror


Recommended by Elaine, one of the reference librarians in our Adult Department.

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American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us

by Steven Emerson
1231557.jpg This is written by an award-winning investigative journalist who went undercover to report on Islamic extremism in mosques and private gatherings and became an expert on militant Islam. If you are wondering why we didnt stop the 9/11 attack, here is all the background you need.

Terrorist Hunter

by Anonymous
1267966.jpg I admired this woman for her courage and intelligence in going undercover and pretending to be Islamic. She was one of the pioneers in tracing terrorist funds and the details of how she put it together are fascinating. I enjoyed the history of her escape from Iraq to Israel, which is an insight into the political climate of Saddams pre-war regime. Here is the map showing how Islamic charities are connected to terror and each other.

1000 Years for Revenge

by Peter Lance
1000yrs.jpg This chronicle of terrorist action helps to connect all the dots from 1990 to 9/11 by detailing all the personal connections, plots and incidents in our country and in others. I could follow and understand how many of the people were related to each other and how incidents built on the past failure or success of the preceding attempts. This was like a Bible of terrorist history for me.

Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude

by Robert Baer
1279003.jpg This made me understand the dilemma of needing the crude oil the Saudis supply and the interplay between Saudi royals and al-Qaeda. The scary thing is that I could understand the rage of those who are victims of this corrupt system and see why the Wahhabist fundamentalists would resent the rich rulers for their material excesses and blame us for this influence. The author suggests we are caught between paying the nice price for oil and supporting a non-democracy.

Blood from Stones: The Secret Financial Network of Terror

by Douglas Farah
1319864.jpg This traces the diamond trade used by al-Qaeda after the U.S. froze their liquid assets directly after the first World Trade Center bombing. Written by a journalist who was on-site in West Africa until it become too dangerous, it has fascinating details and first-hand observations of Liberias President Charles Taylor and his involvement. Equally absorbing is the account of the CIA attempt to discredit his book before publication to cover the facts uncovered here.