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Romantic Comedies from the 1930s


Recommended by Lisa, one of the reference librarians in our Adult Department.

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Trouble in Paradise

1261981.jpg Ernst Lubitsch directs this sophisticated film starring Herbert Marshall and Miriam Hopkinson as Gaston and Lily, two Parisian theives who fall in love then work together to con rich Madame Colet. With his gorgeous voice and stylish delivery, this viewer can understand why the movie develops into a love triangle as Lily and Madame Colet compete for Gastons affection.

It Happened One Night

1204123.jpg This classic stars Claudette Colbert as a spoiled heiress running away from her father after marrying a man of whom he disapproves. Clark Gable stars as the reporter who follows her sensing a scoop. As they travel together, the personalities clash and the witty repartee flies. They just dont make em like this anymore.

My Man Godfrey

1211461.jpg Carole Lombard shines as a ditsy rich girl who takes William Powell (playing a suspiciously erudite hobo) into her family home. Powell becomes the familys butler, straightens the family out, and (of course) falls in love with Lombard.

You Cant Take It With You

1263381.jpg Jean Arthur stars as Alice Sycamore, a normal gal in the middle of an endearingly eccentric family. Jimmy Stewart stars as Tony Kirby, the rich boy from a stuffy upper class family. When these two fall in love and their families meet, comedy follows.

Bringing Up Baby

1159150.jpg Take Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, a pet leopard named Baby, and a missing dinosaur bone and you have one of the absolutely best comic films ever made. The phrase screwball comedy may have been invented to describe this film.