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Novels Enjoyed by Someone Who Rarely Reads Fiction


Recommended by Claire who works in Technical Services for the library.

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The Thorn Birds

by Colleen McCullough
1023463.jpg Story of a priest torn between God and human passion and a beautiful girl desiring what she cannot have, set in Australia's Outback. Just a good read.

The Saving Graces

by Patricia Gaffney
1170529.jpg What I think youd call chick lit. A warm fuzzy read by an author who mostly writes romances.


by Margaret Walker
1014816.jpg Written in the 1960s, it takes place during the era of slavery in the U.S. Gave me a greater understanding than Id had before of what a slave family might have endured.

The Men and the Girls

by Joanna Trollope
1106243.jpg Set in England, an intergenerational family story.

Cold Sassy Tree

by Olive Ann Burns
1057365.jpg Southern small-town events in the early 20th century make an entertaining story.