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The Hero with a Thousand Faces: Continuing Series


Recommended by Sandra, one of the library's children's librarians.

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Rowan of Rin

by Emily Rodda
1208775.jpg Rowan is a young, weak and timid boy unsure of himself and his role in society. However, his hidden magical powers become manifest when ancient evils arise in many different forms and threaten to ruin Rin as well as its inhabitants. This series is a good choice for younger reader because it not too dark or too lengthy.

The Chronicles of Prydain

by Lloyd Alexander
1028945.jpg The magnificent Land of Prydain is rooted in Welsh myth and legend. Taran believes he is destined to be a lowly Assistant Pigkeeper forever and longs for thrilling knightly adventures. A runaway oracular pig changes everything and he soon encounters more danger and terrifying beings than he can handle. With the help of a valiant mentor and colorful, loyal companions, Taran battles evil forces and travels an exciting road to self-discovery.

Lost Years of Merlin

by T.A. Barron
1140332.jpg Wales is the setting for yet another spellbinding series that begins with a boy washing ashore who has no memory of his past. His quest to learn his true name and find his real home leads him on fantastic journeys in this and other worlds. As he moves towards his ultimate destiny, being the greatest wizard of all times, he discovers that the fate of the land is intertwined with his own. This is a wonderful introduction to a classic Arthurian figure.

Circle of Magic and The Circle Opens

by Tamora Pierce
1148986.jpg Four young mages (Sandry, Daja, Tris, and Briar) from totally different backgrounds are mysteriously drawn to a disciplined temple community after their magic has leaked out and caused havoc. A close, psychic friendship forms among them as they are taught how to harness their special powers of magic. Malevolent forces are trying to destroy the temple and its realm, and the mages must exercise their magical abilities before they are truly prepared. Their individual mentors then take them on separate journeys into the larger world where they are each faced with a crisis requiring her/his unique magical gift.

The Squires Tales

by Gerald Morris
1157608.jpg With wry humor and a tongue-in-cheek tone, Morris recounts a number of highly entertaining Arthurian tales of valor. Knights, quests, damsels, enchantments and searches for essential humanity abound, albeit in non-traditional fashion oft times. Although this is not a sequential series following the development of one main character, the reader is continually bumping into familiar faces.